Eighteen48 in Round Table Discussions with thought leaders.

Investing in Crypto and Blockchain

October 28, 2021

Edward Clive

Partner and CIO, Eighteen48 Partners

Felix Dian

Founder and Portfolio Manager, MVPQ Capital

Matt Walsh

Co-Founder, Castle Island Capital

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Connecting the Dots – Roundtable with Chandan Khanna

March 10, 2021

Julien Sevaux

Founding Partner & CEO

Chandan Khanna

Direct Public Equity

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Fireside Chat on Biotech with Rajeev Shah of RA Capital

November 19, 2020

Edward Clive

CIO, Eighteen48

Rajeev Shah

Managing Partner and Joint Lead Portfolio Manager, RA Capital

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Stores of Value: Gold, Bitcoin and Art

June 25, 2020

Tarek AbuZayyad

Founder, Eighteen48

Edward Clive

CIO, Eighteen48

Evy Hambro

Co-Manager, BlackRock World Gold Fund & BlackRock World Mining Fund

Pamir Gelenbe

Managing Partner, Libertus Capital

Stephen Lash

Chairman Emeritus, Christie’s Americas

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Roadmap 2030 – Navigating the Decade Ahead

May 21, 2020

Anatole Kaletsky

Co-Founder of Gavekal

Phillip Colmar

Co-Founder of MRB Partners

Alan Higgins

CIO of Coutts & Co, and member of the Eighteen48 Advisory Investment Comm

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A Conversation about Credit

April 16, 2020

Oliver Wriedt

Managing Partner & CEO of DFG Investment Advisers

Sam Kemp

Managing Director of BCI Finance

Azhar Hussain

Head of Global High Yield at Royal London Asset Management

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Public equities during Coronavirus

March 26, 2020

Cédric Coignard

Portfolio Manager of the Long Run Equity Fund

James Crichton

CEO & Portfolio Manager of Hitchwood Capital

Chandan Khanna

Head of Public Equities at Eighteen48

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Venture Capital

March 19, 2020

Hunter Somerville

General Partner at Greenspring Associates

Charles Mindenhall

Founding Partner of Blenheim Chalcot

Mark Evans

Investment Partner at Kindred Capital

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