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Eighteen48 Partners is an independent and highly aligned Private Investment Office which serves as the ‘home team’ for multi-generational family and institutional capital.

We employ a long-term, endowment style investment approach and build true partnerships with our clients by investing our own capital alongside theirs.


Focused, aligned, experienced

We designed Eighteen48 Partners to address the need of our own families and long-standing clients for a more focused approach to wealth management.

Eighteen48 Partners is wholly owned by partners, clients and employees. We operate an independent model and are aligned with our clients in all that we do.

Our team combines extensive experience and a long history of working together. We benefit from actively involved senior advisors with expertise across public and private asset classes.

Our clear mission

We are committed to investment excellence and recognize the importance of a long-term perspective.

Our mission is to build lasting partnerships with our clients by managing their assets in true alignment with our own.

Our core investment principles

Long Term Horizon

Market timing generally reduces investment returns over time. Time in the market allows wealth to compound over the long term.

High Conviction

Be focused. Over-diversification in typical portfolios stifles the potential to outperform and means that nothing ‘moves the needle’.

Focus on Quality

High quality, growth businesses have the potential to compound returns above market benchmarks over the long term.

Micro before Macro

Focus on the fundamental opportunity set rather than predictions of interest rates, fund flows or other short-term macro or technical factors.

Value of Active Management

The average active fund manager disappoints, but exceptional managers do exist. Such managers can be very difficult for most investors to access.